No Shammers In Here Please

Today I want to talk about a social issue that I have been thinking about for quite some time: mommy shaming. Can we talk about that phenomena for a sec? First I want to define it, to the extent that I understand it at least, and please correct me if I missed anything: It’s a group of people (most of them are parents, but not exclusively) who shame and publicly humiliate mothers, often via social media, by judging and criticizing their actions. You can also find them in social events however, such as a kids birthday party, school play, or a casual get together with a few other partners. While comments on social media are typically bold and offensive, face to face people tend to be more subtle and hide behind some hints or probing questions. But make no mistake my friends, the intent is still the same.

Did I get it right?

You missed your child’s nap, she is eating french fries instead of organic sweet potato mash with a side of Brussels sprouts, or you didn’t wash these little hands after he got home from playing outside (I get it, it’s important!). Oh, and you posted a funny pic of your child messing with dog food on Facebook, and now the entire world is thinking that you’re  feeding your kid Science Diet for dinner. These mommy shammers are not holding back and are ready to criticize your every move. And why? If I had to make a guess, it would be most likely for reasons of self fulfillment. Today’s society makes it ok to criticize anything and everyone, for no reason other than making one feel better about themselves.

If you ask me, I can honesty say that mommy shaming is getting out of hand. These brutal comments, hints, or probing questions need to stop, because any of the examples above are not the end of the world and we need to stop acting like it is. As I said in my intro, I truly believe that most parents are doing everything they can to raise kids to the best of their abilities. Moreover, in an era where women should stick for each we should not allow for these social issues to exist. We have come a long way in the past few decades, but regretfully we still have a long way to go. This is why I urge you to stop accepting this as an ok thing, because it’s really not. No one should not feel ashamed being an honest and hard working parent who is putting the needs of their children above all. I think it’s time that we cut ourselves some slack and feel proud that we are doing the very best for our little one(s)! No mommy shammers please!

Funny share: when reading the ABC book, my little one’s pronunciation of the word “fox” sounds just like the f word…

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