This blog is for mommies who are fun, busy, tiered, and are in a need of a place to share their honest opinions, frustrations, and thoughts. I know how hard we all work, and it’s time that we appreciate each other and give credit when credit is due. We are not perfect, but we are trying. Really, really trying to make the best out of each hour that we spend with our kids, trying to make to most nutritious meal, or trying to adhere to the demanding schedules of our offsprings. So even when you tried your best and the meal is not up to the standards of your picky toddler, feel no guilt! We’ve all been there and all had that bowl of soup thrown at our faces. And as frustrating as it might feel, you clean up the mess, get up and microwave those frozen chicken nuggets that we all have in the freezer.

So this is a place where we all come together to talk about the daily joys, struggles, raise questions, or simply vent. And of course, offer a thumbs up to those who did something super amazing for their little ones, and ask ourselves how we can do the same. I think that moms often judge each other when they can come together and play! Which is what I want us all to do – play together! Let’s do that exact thing here, and see how much fun we can all have.